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Mark B - April 1951 to November 1952

April 1951

The Mark B 2/3 seater Tourer was similar to the Mark A. It retained the Villiers 6E 197cc engine, 3 speed direct change gearbox, 6 volt rectified electrical system and curved glass windscreen, but now featured a coil spring rear suspension with sliding block and guide bars, a hydraulic front shock absorber, a larger luggage boot and a reshaped hood. There was also a new typeof foot brake pedal/cables and a new starter cable. A locknut was even fitted to the steering wheel! Front lighting was still by two external head and side lamps of 12 watt / 3 watt capacity mounted on either side of the body. Rear lighting retained the single, centrally mounted tail lamp with the 3 / 3 watt double filament bulb. Again, no rear brake light was fitted.
Vehicle length 9' 1", width 5' 0", height 3' 9" and weight 420 lb.


May 1952

The Sharp's Minitruck was introduced. A larger, upright rear body gave a carrying capacity of 24 cubic feet or a payload of 3 cwt. and the hood had a roll-up flap at the rear to facilitate loading. A single seat only for the driver was fitted.




The Sharp's Minivan had the same carrying capacity and payload as the Minitruck, but the Minivan had a built-in compartment (with a door) at the rear, hood/sidescreens and a bench type front seat for the driver.

August 1952

The Family "Safety Saloon" used the same enclosed Minivan body and rear door, but also had side windows and inward-facing rear seats fitted. This gave enough room for two adults, with two small children seated in the rear.


Chassis Number Range: C/6/1974 to D/10/3391
Total Mark B Production = 1,414