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Bond Minicar Fans

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BOC (Members Only)



The Bond Owners' Club, established in 1951, brings together all vehicles bearing the Bond name.

Most famous are the three-wheeler Bond Minicars, but the same factory produced the sporty four-wheeled Bond Equipes, a range of scooters, and even some water craft.

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Somehow, Bond vehicles - especially the Minicar - instilled a keen camaraderie between owners, who would always wave when they saw another Bond, and never pass by if another owner seemed to be in trouble.



Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, large rallies were held and strongly supported by the factory.  Some Minicars embarked on continental tours, and one even went to the Sahara.  A Bond Minicar is the only three-wheeler ever to complete the Monte Carlo Rally course.  It wasn't allowed to join the rally officially (not enough wheels) ... but it went anyway!


Events continue, with several rallies each year: 

  • a rally in memory of Doug Ferreira is usually held at Easter time

  • the Bond Owners' Club National Rally spans the Spring Bank Holiday, and

  • the Club AGM Rally is usually in June.

We are also represented at other motoring events such as The National Microcar Rally, held in various locations and usually in September.

(Details of upcoming rallies are printed in our monthly club magazine, 'Bond Info'.)

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You can find out how to join the Bond Owners' Club here.

If you have questions, if you once owned a Bond or if you have any interesting Bonding stories to tell,

send us an email:

The Bond Owners' Club is a member of the

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs


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