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The roof-mounted Suitcase was born out of necessity. Due to the 875's design of a rear engine and a front end full of steering and suspension, there was very little space left for carrying any sort of luggage. Bond's solution was to 'put an extra boot on the roof'. The case was made in glass fibre and came in a neutral grey colour. If the case became scratched, '. . . you simply go to work with a little household polish till the scratch mark disappears'. The idea of neutral grey was to paint the case to match your vehicles body colour if desired.

The fact that the advert below shows one fitted to a Ford 105E Anglia illustrates Bonds had hopes it could be sold to other car owners besides 875 owners. Exactly how it sold and in what quantities are not known.

1965 31st August in Daily Telegraph Roof suitcase on early 875.jpg
1966 (uknown date) Bond Suitcase - P1.jpg
1966 Bond Suitcase.JPG
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