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Mark G - August 1961 to November 1966

August 1961

​A new style saloon body incorporating front quarter lights, wind-up door windows, a reverse sloping rear window, front seats adjustable for length and height, a petrol tap operated from inside and locking door handles. All interior trim and seating was grey. An improved Villiers 35A, 250cc engine with a 4-speed positive stop gearbox and a Siba Dynastart was used along with bigger 10" wheels, 7" hydraulic brakes and trailing arm rear suspension, hydraulically damped. Early vehicles used aluminium rear wings with glass fibre fin inserts. Later, the rear wings were all glass fibre.

1961 October 12th Motor Cycling - p730b.jpg
1961 October 12th Motor Cycling - p731b crop.jpg

May 1962

​The Mark G Ranger was introduced. A van version of the saloon with an opening tailgate, no rear side windows or rear seats and 42 cu. ft, 4 cwt. carrying capacity. Bodies were in primer, but painting now cost an extra £5.00p!

1962 June 27th Mark G Ranger cut out 1a.jpg
1964 February 27th The Motor Cycle - P233b (2a)_edited.jpg

June 1962

​Introduction of the Mark G Estate. The roof style was the same as the Ranger but with rear side windows and rear seats that could either be laid flat or removed to increase load carrying capacity.

1962 June 27th Press Release - Mark G Estate picture - 1v2c.jpg

November 1962

​The Villiers 4T, 250cc twin engine became available as an option. It was advertised as 60 m.p.h. and 60 m.p.g.

1963 Villiers - P2.jpg

October 1964

​The Tourer was introduced. A 2/3 seater version of the Saloon having non-opening front quarter lights, a rear opening luggage boot, a glass fibre bonnet, a single cylinder engine and no chrome side trim. The twin engine and the body side trim were available but only as an option.

1964 October Mark G Tourer Bond Magazine Winter - cover 2b.jpg

Chassis Number Range: M/8/40000 to R/11/43246
Total Mark G Production = 3,253 (including 5 pre-production vehicles)

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