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1969 - 1970 Scooter Ski

The Scooter Ski was really a Reliant venture with Scooter Ski (Sales) Ltd. of Victoria Road, Draycott, Derbyshire. It has been included in this section only because the first batch were all built by Bond at India Mill in Preston.

Reliant Scooter Ski 2a.jpg


Eight feet in length and with a beam of three feet six inches, the Scooter Ski was powered by a 185 cc Rotax single cylinder light alloy two stroke engine.


A pair of motor cycle type handlebars incorporating the twist grip accelerator steered the ski by a rudder in the forward section. A self-winding recoil rope was used to start the engine and a centrifugal clutch allowed the Scooter Ski to remain stationary in the water.


It appears all Scooter Skis had a white hull with a yellow upper deck and a green tinted screen. Retail price is quoted as £269.00 ex-works.


The prototype was built at India Mill in July 1969 and production commenced two months later in September. The Scooter Ski stayed in Preston until August 1970 when the factory closed and production was transferred elsewhere.

Preston built Scooter Ski Number Ranges: 1001 to 1028, X1029 to X1488, H1489 to H1577, CH1578 to CH1611 and C1612 to C1616
Total Bond made Scooter Skis till August 1970 = 616

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