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Mark D - May 1956 to May 1959

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May 1956

​The Mark D had an identical body style to the later Mark C, with a Standard/Deluxe 2/3 seater Tourer and a Standard/Deluxe 4 seater Family Safety model available. They used the new Villiers 9E, 197cc engine with a 3-speed direct change gearbox, 4 plate clutch and a heavier drive chain. All models featured a 12 volt electrical system, separate sidelights incorporated into the headlamps, chrome headlamp hoods, front wing side flashes and a grab handle on the dash.

1955 November Mark C - P5 v1 crop 3a.jpg

Deluxe vehicles had 9E/3S engines with a ‘Siba Dynastart’ electric starter and bumpers were fitted front and rear. Like the Family Safety models, Tourers also now had the same rear apron fitted between the body and the bumper. Standard models only had the Villiers 9E/3 combined magneto generator engine but they still retained the interior floor-mounted hand-start lever connected via a cable to the modified kickstart lever. All models could be specified with a glass fibre hard top.

1957 Autumn BM News - rear cover crop 2.jpg
1956 November & 1957 (late) Mark D - P4a crop.jpg

October 1956

No changes to the mechanical specifications but all models now had fawn coloured interiors and hoods / hardtops. Reverse also become available as an option - but only for Deluxe models fitted with the Siba Dynastart*. 


* Villiers 9E/3SR engines fitted with a Siba Dynastart had a reversing solenoid (shown in red) and a second set of points. By depressing and turning the ignition key in the new ignition switch, the reverse solenoid was engaged (indicated by the illumination of a warning lamp) and the engine could be re-started ‘backwards’ thus giving a Minicar the facility of a reverse for the first time.


1960 December BM News - P11d crop2.jpg

Chassis Number Range: H/5/11797 to J/10/15570
Total Mark D Production = 3,761

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