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875 - August 1965 to February 1970

875 script v3.jpg

August 1965

​The Mark I 875 Saloon had an all glass-fibre four-seater body with the low compression 875cc, 34 b.h.p. engine and transaxle assembly from the Rootes Commer van. The rear mounted, water-cooled engine behind the transaxle drove the rear wheels. It had a 4-speed and reverse gearbox and independent suspension on all wheels. The main front down tube incorporated a leading arm with a fully floating front brake back plate and the whole assembly was designed to lean the front wheel over when the steering was turned. Tyres were 12" x 5½", with 8" hydraulic brakes, a 6 gallon petrol tank and conventional 12 volt lighting/starting. To keep the overall weight down, the body had non-opening rear side windows and a rear window in Perspex whilst the front seats were small, thin, tubular affairs padded with foam. The standard Imp instrument binnacle was mounted directly onto the glass fibre dash. Optional extras (offered as "extras" to help keep the official weight down) were a spare wheel, a heater/demister and a roof mounted suitcase.

1966 April 875 v3.jpg
1966 April 875 - P3 v2.jpg
1965 September 2nd Motor Cycle - P302ac rev.jpg

April 1967

​The 875 Ranger Van was introduced. A van version of the Saloon with a lift up tailgate, no rear side windows, single drivers seat in the front with aluminium side partitioning and 40 cu. ft. of goods carrying capacity on a flat rear floor extending into the passenger compartment. A single wing mirror was fitted - by law - to the right hand front wing. Once again, bodies were only supplied in primer and painting was offered for another £10.00. Optional extras were still the spare wheel and the heater/demister but now the front passenger seat had to be paid for! (This was always an unpopular "extra" and appears to have been fitted as standard almost straight away.)

1967 April 875 Ranger - P2 crop (5).jpg

March 1968

​The Mark II Saloon had an identical mechanical specification, but the body featured a restyled front with a larger opening bonnet, rectangular headlamps, combined sidelights/flashers and a front grille concealing the heater air intake. Windscreen washers and a heater became standard fittings.

1968 March 875 Saloon - P1 v1b.jpg
1967 875mk2 v3b.jpg

875 Mark 1 & Ranger Van Chassis Number Range: Q/8/50001 to T/3/52038

875 Mark 2 & Ranger Van Chassis Number Range: T/3/52039 to V/2/53441

875 Mark 1 & Ranger Van Production = 2,307

875 Mark 2 & Ranger Van Production = 1,403

875 Mark 1 Estate prototype = 1

Total Mark 875 Production = 3,441

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