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1964 - 1965 Trek Tent

After the problems with the original design of Trailer Tent, Alan Pounder set to work to design a new version. The new Trek Trailer Tent was still 5' 0" wide but the overall length was now reduced to 7' 2". The large side area that had created the original concerns was eliminated by simply hinging the trailer on the left hand side instead of at the end. This time the lid was also made of glass fibre in lieu of aluminium to keep the weight down and to help with the lifting.

As before, the trailer lid was opened up and the supporting legs extended. The green canvas was carried on a rigid metal frame and opened in a similar fashion to a pram hood. Now, the operation was claimed to take only two minutes to provide a tent with an impressive 70 sq. ft. of floor area and a headroom of 7' 2". The lid of the Trek could be removed from the base to provide a general purpose trailer with 40 cu. ft. of carrying capacity. A Trek Trailer Tent could be bought for £118.00 and included delivery or could be purchased as a trailer for £65.00 or with the lid included for £85.00. Colours available included Cherry Red, Gold, British Racing Green, Yellow and Dark Blue.

1964 (post-May) Trek tent - P1.jpg
1964 (post-May) Trek tent - P2.jpg
1964 November Trek Tent Press Photo 2a.jpg

The production records show the Trek did not sell as well as the original Trailer Tent. Starting production in May 1964, they were only produced until July 1964 although another batch was made in April 1965.

Trek Tent Number Range: 64/5/250 to 64/7/326 and 65/4/327 to 65/4/348
Total Trek Trailer Tent Production = 99

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