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Mark F - November 1958 to January 1963

November 1958

​The body was identical to the Mark E with a 2/3-seater Tourer and Saloon Coupe, but now the Villiers 31A, 250 c.c. engine fitted with a 4-speed positive stop gearbox and a Siba Dynastart was used. A new Family Saloon 4-seater with two small, forward-facing, rear hammock seats also became available.

1960 (before October) Mark F - P3a v2b.jpg
1960 (before October) Mark F - P1 v5.jpg
1958 November Mark F - P2c v2.jpg
1960 (guess) Mark F Van and not a Ranger v3a.jpg

March 1960

​Introduction of the Mark F Ranger. This was a commercial version of the Family Saloon. It had no rear side windows or rear seats but was fitted with an opening rear window for loading purposes. The carrying capacity was 3 cwt. or 31 cu. ft. All bodies were in primer but could be painted for an extra £4.50p!

June 1960

​A Mark F Ranger Van was briefly introduced. A small batch of only 39 vehicles were made with the passenger seat omitted. This was intended to increase the carrying capacity by freeing up the passenger area. On the driver's side a triangular aluminium panel was fitted to the floor at the left hand side of the seat to provide some sort of protection against any of the goods being carried!
As most self-employed tradesmen would probably have used their vehicle socially during the evenings and at weekends, not having a passenger's seat to take their girlfriend / wife out in the Bond was an unpopular option!

1960 F Van interior v2.jpg

Chassis Number Range: J/11/21181 to O/1/27679
Total Mark F Production = 6,493

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