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Mark B - April 1951 to November 1952

April 1951

​The Mark B 2/3-seater Tourer was introduced. Although production commenced during week ending 28th April, 1951, all chassis numbers started with ‘C/6/’ - indicating June 1951 - probably because the first cars were not completed and tested until 25th June, 1951.

The new model retained the Villiers 6E 197 c.c. engine, 3-speed direct change gearbox and 6 volt rectified electrical system but now featured a coil spring rear suspension with sliding block and guide bars and a hydraulic front shock absorber.

1951 November Mark B -v2.jpg
1951 Mark B DRN 919 v3.jpg

The biggest major external improvements were the introduction of the much-needed Triplex® Safety glass windscreen* to replace the previous Perspex® variety, a reshaped hood and larger luggage compartment behind the seat. There was also a new type of foot brake pedal/cables and a new starter cable. A locknut was even fitted to the steering wheel! Front lighting was still by two external head and side lamps of 12-watt / 3-watt capacity mounted on either side of the body. Rear lighting retained the single, centrally mounted tail lamp with the 3-watt / 3-watt double filament bulb. No rear brake light was fitted.

* With the introduction of the Triplex® screen fitted from chassis no. 1974 onwards, Sharp’s Commercials later made a kit available for retro-fitting a glass screen to the earlier Minicars.

1952 July The Light Car - P327a2.jpg

May 1952

​The Sharp’s Minitruck was introduced. (Initially, they were referred to as ‘Utility’ in the production records.) A larger, upright rear body gave a carrying capacity of 24 cubic feet or a payload of 3 cwt. and the hood had a roll-up flap at the rear to facilitate loading. A single seat for the driver only was fitted.

1952 October Show Mark B - P5d no moire.jpg
1952 (post-May) Mintruck publicity picture_2a.jpg

The Sharp’s Minivan was also introduced. This had the same carrying capacity and payload as the Minitruck, but the Minivan had a built-in compartment (with a door) at the rear, hood/sidescreens and a bench type front seat for the driver and a passenger.

1952 July The Light Car - P36b2.jpg
1952 May Minivan publicity picture_JJ crop3.jpg

Chassis Number Range: C/6/1974 to D/10/3391
Total Mark B Production = 1,414

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