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1959 - 1960 P3 and P4 Scooter

September 1959

Production of the P3 (148 cc) and P4 (197 cc) commenced ready for the launch in October 1959. Generally the same specifications as the P1 and P2 Scooters but with the following changes: Redesigned front bodywork which also included the mudguard, the lockable front container was deleted and the rear bodywork was made as a complete one-piece moulding hinged at the rear. The steering head angle was altered and the engine unit lowered 2¼" to improve handling. Other changes included the deletion of the chain guard, the fuel tank was made in steel whilst aluminium styling flashes decorated the sides of the rear bodywork.

Overall length was reduced to 7' 3" with a shorter wheelbase of 4' 2" and the ground clearance increased to 7". Weight was reduced to (P3) 252 lb and (P4) 264 lb.

1960 Spring BM News - P49a.jpg
1959 September P3 & P4 Scooter - P1.jpg
1959 Winter BM News - P20a crop.jpg

P3 Frame Number Range: C/9/1001 to D/8/1386

P4 Frame Number Range: C/9/1001 to D/8/1377
Total P3 & P4 Production = 386

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